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Who we are

We aim to never say no to a cat owner in crisis

Established in December 2022 and a registered charity (no. 1205451) since October 2023, Feline Fine Foundation exists to help cat owners when they need it the most. No one should have to face a life crisis at the same time as giving up their beloved cats.


We keep owners and their cats united for as long as possible – through free advice and support, a cat food bank, and signposting to other charities and services. If they can’t stay together, we step in with our network of brilliant foster homes to offer a safe, secure environment with all the comforts of home on a temporary basis, just until things are resolved for their owner. That might be a matter of days, or several months.


For cat owners in crisis

For owners and their families in crisis (facing homelessness, hospitalisation or domestic violence, for example), hope is kept alive. Cats can play a huge role in an owner’s mental health and wellbeing, so the promise of being reunited with their beloved pets can be crucial to their recovery. We’ve seen time and time again how true that is.

For social and emergency services, we provide a solution for when the owner of a cat needs to leave their home at short notice. There are widely-known routes for dogs to be cared for when their owner goes into hospital, for example, but not for cats. Often, we hear about cats being fed by concerned neighbours or left to stray looking for their owners. We offer emergency referrals for services working with owners of cats.


For social and emergency services


For our supporters and partners

For our supporters and partners, we are solving a recognised need in the cat community. Every day, we’re talking to cat owners who need urgent help, support or fostering – without which, they might be forced to give up their pets entirely. Help us help more cats in volatile and uncertain situations find a place of safety – and be a part of changing the lives of their owners.

For pet rescues, we help to prevent cats from being given up for rehoming – critical during the current cost of living crisis when charities are under increased pressure. By offering an alternative, we also hope to reduce the number of cats left to stray in desperate situations.


For pet rescues

Our history

Feline Fine Foundation was founded by Lucinda Pullen, a veteran of the cat rescue and cattery scene in Bristol. Whilst working in rescue for over a decade, she received lots of requests for a foster service which, due to pressure on funds and resources, most rehoming centres simply can't offer. Cat owners would either choose to stay in a volatile situation (such as domestic violence or refusing hospital treatment) to stay with their cat, or end up putting their cat up for rehoming.

After finding herself in a similar situation after losing her job and home, Lucinda was faced with the painful reality of rehoming her own cats. Luckily, that didn't happen, but she became increasingly aware of cat owners reaching out for help to strangers on Facebook – which provided no protection for the owners, well-meaning fosters, or the cats themselves. After helping two people – one homeless, the other fleeing domestic violence – the need was so clear, she had to start the charity.

Having started to work with owners in crisis, it never seems to slow down. We’re facing a mounting – and ever-urgent – need for fostering services to take cats out of difficult situations while keeping hope alive for their owners. Now a registered charity, we’re working hard to meet the demand by raising our profile – so we can reach more brilliant fosters, partners to support our services, fundraisers and supporters to keep it all going, and owners in need.


Lucinda is now supported by a team of Trustees, all with a passion for the welfare of cats and their humans.

Our progress

In our first year, we helped:

80+ cats

52 owners in crisis

Reunite 20 cats with their owners

To grow a network of 35+ loving foster homes

Owners and cats across Bristol, and North and North East Somerset – but receiving nationwide requests for help

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