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Help us help even more cats and their owners in crisis

The need for our support is urgent – and growing.


With the help of supporters like you, we can be there for cats and their humans going through homelessness, hospital admittance, fleeing domestic abuse, and other times of crisis.


Help us keep families together and hope alive.

Cute Cat

Where your money goes

When you give to the Feline Fine Foundation, you’re changing the lives of cats and their human families when crisis strikes.

£5 would allow us to feed a cat leaving a volatile situation for a week

£10 would contribute to the cost of microchipping or neutering as part of responsible pet ownership


£30 would fund a mini set of zoo pharmacognosy supplies for fosters to work with anxious cats from difficult backgrounds


£50 a month covers the cost of a loving foster, with all the comforts of home (food, litter, toys, bedding, flea and worming treatments, and vet care – if not partially covered by the owner)


£75 would set a new foster home up with all the basics (bowls, litter trays, blankets, cat scratchers, beds and trees)

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