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This policy is to ensure that all children, young people and vulnerable adults engaging in activities or services associated with Feline Fine Foundation are able to do so in an environment where they feel valued, listened to and safe.


  • Feline Fine Foundation Trustees and volunteers are committed to best practice which promotes the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and protects them from harm and exploitation.  

  • Feline Fine Foundation Trustees and volunteers accept and recognise their responsibility to develop an awareness of the possible issues that could cause children, young people and vulnerable adults harm.  

  • Feline Fine Foundation Trustees and volunteers recognise their responsibility to establish and maintain a safe environment for everyone. 

The purpose of this Policy 


This policy is intended to cover all functions of Feline Fine Foundation’s activities where staff and volunteers have direct contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults in the course of their duties. 


The policy will be owned at all levels within Feline Fine Foundation and our Trustees will direct the development of this policy and be responsible for approval of the same. 


All Trustees and volunteers within Feline Fine Foundation have a responsibility for the implementation of this policy. 


Everyone involved with Feline Fine Foundation will be provided with a copy of this policy statement. 


The policy statement will be prominently displayed on the Feline Fine Foundation website. 


There will be zero tolerance of any form of abuse or harmful treatment.

We will seek to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults by: 

  • Adhering to our safeguarding policy and a code of behaviour.  

  • Providing effective management through support, supervision and training. 

  • Providing clear procedures for reporting concerns to statutory agencies that need to be informed, while also engaging with the appropriate people.  

  • Appropriately managing personal information and the sharing of sensitive information in a confidential manner and in line with GDPR.  

  • Implementing clear procedures for receiving comments and suggestions and for dealing with concerns and complaints about our organisation.  

  • Ensuring general safety and risk management procedures are adhered to.


At Feline Fine Foundation, we are committed to promoting an atmosphere of inclusion and transparency and are open to feedback from the people who participate in our activities or use our services, with a view to how we may continually make improvements. 


Unless there is a significant change to legislation, policy or practice, Feline Fine Foundation will review this policy every year with the next review taking place in January 2025. 


Contacts for reporting safeguarding concerns in relation to a child, young person or vulnerable adult are: 


Lucinda Pullen - Founder and Trustee -

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